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Dream Water Toning Mist
  • Dream Water Toning Mist


    Sprayed. Absorbed. Hydrated.

    Dream Water is a rich tonic that hydrates, regenerates the tissues, and balances the pH of the epidermis with anti-inflammatory and healing bioactive agents. The synergy of the purest organic Aloe Vera and enriched with a blend of Immortelle and Melissa floral water are the right mix to radiate the delicacy of your face. A good dose of glycerin is the bonus of softness and nutrition for your skin.

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    • -Multifunctional product


          -Toner: gently cleanses face skin and helps to remove dirt from pores

          -Setting Spray: fix make-up better

          -Hydrate and moisturizes


      -Healing small scratches, burns, irritations.⠀


      -Regenerating, with ingredients that promote cellular renewal and increases collagen


      -Balancing, with botanicals, reduces sebum production and reduces pore size thus preventing dark spot formation.

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